PEFC launches fashion sector guide for responsible forest sourcing of cellulosic fibres

PEFC is the global forest certification organisation and the white paper aims to be a comprehensive guide to empower labels and retailers to embrace responsible sourcing practices for man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) “by emphasising the importance of sustainable forest management”. It looks at subjects such as the significance of sustainable feedstock sourcing in the fashion industry, focusing specifically on MMCF materials and the potential environmental and social risks associated with forests. คำพูดจาก สล็อตแตกง่าย

PEFC says that its comprehensive approach to sustainable forest management “effectively mitigates these risks and promotes the preservation and well-being of forest ecosystems”คำพูดจาก เกมสล็อต. Plus there are the all-important “practical solutions for brands to ensure the traceability of MMCF materials, enabling them to make verifiable claims about their responsible feedstock sourcing”.It could be a hugely useful resource for an industry whose man-made cellulosic fibres predominantly come from forest-based feedstock.Julia Kozlik, Textile Program Lead at PEFC International, said: “By leveraging the knowledge shared in this paper, fashion brands and retailers can make informed decisions, support sustainable forest management, and preserve biodiversity.”

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